Watch out teenager about!

Watch out teenager about!

Watch out teenager about! by Kizzy // 25 February, 2014 // 22 Comments

Thirteen years ago I was in hospital still after being ordered to take bed rest due to serious high blood pressure. The day previous I was told I would be induced the following morning for my baby’s safety and that not to expect to have him till the following day. Little did they know that my little man would prove them wrong and arrive within 6 hours of the induction starting!

Yes my little man really is lucky to be alive. Now I say little man, at nearly 6 ft at the age of 13, he is far from little but was the smallest of my three at birth. He weighed 6 lb 13 a week early and his placenta was grey, the midwife told me once I had recovered that it would have been a completely different outcome had we have waited another day.

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