Waste not, want not...

Waste not, want not...

Sadly as a haggard mother of two, my eco warrior credentials have taken a poor second to my struggles to get through the day. Recently, a couple of people recommended I read Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (2013). It has become a cult hit, a book about an American family's attempt to produce zero waste in a year. I read it in a weekend and was inspired, finally a writer who can knock me out of what she calls "eco-depression" and "action paralysis".

What I like about Bea is that she is not one of those superior types who has always worn hemp and made their own yoghurt. She went from a truely materialistic existence, where her happiness and self-worth were based on what she looked like and what she owned, to actually trying to simplify her life and focus on what is important. From botox injections, she goes to making her own make up!

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