Waste Less Food: Milk

Waste Less Food: Milk I’ve talked before about expiration dates on eggs, and how to check to see if you can eat them past their date. But what about milk? If your milk has reached it’s expiry date and you’ve still got some left then how do you tell if your milk has gone off, or if it is still safe to drink? Do you sniff the carton to see how it smells? If you do then what if I tell you then that you’ve been doing it all wrong?

It’s true, if you’ve been sniffing the carton/bottle then chances are, unless the milk is definitely off, then you will have been getting a false picture of how the milk actually smells. Instead of the milk, you’ll actually have been getting a whiff of the horrible dried up bits of milk around the rim of the carton, perhaps causing you to bin the milk unnecessarily early.

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