Washing Machine Attachment

Washing Machine Attachment

It's funny how attached to our appliances we become. When one of them breaks down and can't be fixed it's a traumatic experience.

When RoRo, RaRa and Eldest were were young I had the most amazing 10+ year old Hoover Eco washing machine. Yes, 10+ is correct!

Back then our good old white appliances were built to last. They were solid, reliable members of the family that stood the test of time. And time was long!

Familiarity meant you knew the little tweaks, thumbs and kicks required to get them back on track when they had a wobble. You could laugh at salesmen when they tried to get you to purchase that extended warranty. Oh those care free days ...

Then one stress filled day my beloved washing machine died. The constant twenty four hour use had pushed it to the edge for it never to return. As the repair man walked away shaking his head I cried ... real tears!

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