Washi Tape Craft Ideas: Ding Ding Round Two!!

Washi Tape Craft Ideas: Ding Ding Round Two!! Ok, so I know I only posed about washi tape craft ideas the other week last week, but ummm… I’m kind of addicted already! It’s just so easy to get something from frumpy to fab and it’s relatively cheap too. Yes, I did have a tiny splurge on ebay but my total outlay was only £4 including postage for two gorgeous new tapes which is probably about the same as a glass of wine in a pub and as I can’t drink currently that therefore sounds totally justifiable to me!

To create all three of these washi tape craft ideas took me all of oooohhhh….15 minutes? If that? Which also means that it’s an easy upcycling craft that you can fit into your evening. This is great if, like me, you don’t always get that much time of an evening to do anything!

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