Walking in Grandmas Shoes

Walking in Grandmas Shoes

Yesterday I had a Spa day with a friend.  We usually go this time of year as it fits in nicely between my birthday and my friend’s, which is next week.

We usually take advantage of Groupon or Social Living deals but my friend had an email come through from a hotel we went to last year with a deal for £30 for 2 which included a pampering session.  A bargain, eh?

After filling in the usual registration forms, pre-ordering lunch and collecting towels (this was unexpected as we had brought our own along) we had a lovely time using the gym, swimming, using the sauna (my friend, I can’t handle the dry heat), the steam room (me, my friend doesn’t like the wet heat) and the jacuzzi.

We went off to collect our lunch at 12.30pm to be told it was actually buffet day and we could eat what and as much as we like – BONUS!!  The cost of this was extra but we had 20% off with the deal that we had.

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