Wake up: Monday Mo

Wake up: Monday Mo

We ventured out last week and found some deals & savings in Erie, P.A. Yes, This savvy shopper found it in her schedule to escape our busy lives to hunt down some pants for little man. Who by the way is NOT so little anymore! I did shoot a video of everything we purchased and how much we spent if you care to watch it above. I will say Mac is in it and he also shows his TWO, yes, two Halloween costumes. Do you buy Halloween costumes early?? Or is it just me? I saw them go up in stores along with the Christmas décor and felt a little rushed for the holidays. I have to say I am not ready to let go of Summer just yet. The prices on Halloween costumes now a days WOLLY COW! If you do not shop deals, I want to know how on earth you afford everything? Prices just keep going up and up sheesh!

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