Waggish Wednesdays: Beach time & Small kiddos!

Waggish Wednesdays: Beach time & Small kiddos!

Us Western New Yorkers really have it made! Oh my did I just say that..? Well, we do, we get four seasons (with the weather to prove it), beaches, ski lodges, four wheeling, fishing, wine trails you name it! How many of you can jump in your car and be to a beach i20 minutes or less? Or 15-20 minutes to a ski resort? Wine trail? Exactly, I may not like the endless "S" word we gather on our lawns over October-May 24th but I do enjoy the perks of living here. Continue to read my post here: Beach time & Small kiddos! http://funcraftysavymom.blogspot.com/2013/07/waggish-wednesdays-beach-time-small.html?spref=tw

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