Vlog Diary #2...Road Trip, Rowing Boats & Crazy Chickens

Vlog Diary #2...Road Trip, Rowing Boats & Crazy Chickens he only time I find it easy to switch off and relax is when we go away for the weekend. My weekends are usually jam packed from start to finish with blogging, (and now vlogging), housework, socialising and somewhere in the midst of all that, spending time with the Husbter. Notice exercise didn't get a mention- but I'm working on that as always. It's only when I'm taken away from my busy life do I actually take a moment to breath and take the day as it comes, rather than trying to cram in a zillion and one tasks into every spare minute. So last weekend we went on a road trip to Worcester to stay with our friends for two days of stress free fun with a bit of chilling thrown in for good measure. Pass me the road map.

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