Visiting Southchurch Hall and Museum

Visiting Southchurch Hall and Museum - Crafts on Sea

Last weekend we visited Southchurch Hall and Museum, as a family we’d spent the previous wrapped up in the collective joys of a delightful virus and we all needed a bit of fresh air, but somewhere not too far and preferubly where we could sit down for a coffee, this seemed to fit the bill!

Southchurch Hall Southend on Sea

Southchurch Hall is a medieval moated manor house that was built sometime between 1321 and 1364, it’s owners over the years have extended slightly on it and therefore you can see examples in the building of when it was built but also from the Tudor and Stuart period. It’s owned by Southend Council and most importantly, is also the place where I got married. Yep, I got married in a museum which has a gift shop, how cool is that! It is also very helpful if, say, both you and your partner are both known for being mega forgetful as the knowledge that if all goes wrong you can pick up a ring for a couple of quid alleviated a lot of concerns at the time!

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