Visiting Glacier National Park, Montana

Visiting Glacier National Park, Montana

As we book our flights for our American summer stay, again this year, I can’t help but think back to the amazing two months we had there last year and get sentimental about it all. I am very grateful that I get to take my kids back to where I grew up, back to my culture and family, each summer.

I have been dreaming of the adventures we will go on and the family and friends we will see! I can’t wait for it all again. One of my favorite memories of last summer, back home, was our trip to see Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s not a far drive from my parents house about four hours with a small stop off for breakfast. While most of our memories in America are adventures with the kids, my mom offered to babysit as it would be too long for the kids in the car there and back in one day. Yes, we crazy Americans travel that far in one day!

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