Visiting Blackpool Illuminations

Visiting Blackpool Illuminations We took Ebony to Blackpool Illuminations last weekend. I love Blackpool Illuminations, I have so many fond memories of walking through gale force winds, absolutely drenched from top to toe, to look at those giant lit up plastic characters.

We used to go every year, I think, always buying some Blackpool rock and having chips for tea. I remember as a child, it was always exciting to do something unusual at night time. It felt like a break of the routine to be heading out after dark, and to not get home until late into the night. I can remember leaning my head against the car window, watching the illuminations pass by as we started the journey home.

We took Ebony last year, more for us I suppose. She wasn’t walking yet, so she was in the carrier, her eyes peeking out from under her knitted hat, taking in the sights. It’s a bit strange visiting Blackpool Illuminations as an adult. As a child, it was magical and awe-inspiring.

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