Vin Chaud - a festive winter drink

Vin Chaud - a festive winter drink

There's nothing more seasonal than vin chaud, the delicious hot spicy wine, served at Christmas markets and bars all over France during the winter. The smells of cinnamon, orange, cloves and star anise mixed with pungent red wine are redolent of the festive season and hard to resist. The first whiff of the year instantly puts me in a christmassy mood. It wouldn't be Christmas for me without vin chaud.

vin chaud christmas market

Vin chaud exists in varying forms in many parts of the world, with local modifications depending on regional produce. It's perhaps most well-known as the German/Austrian version glühwein, or British mulled wine. In Scandinavia it's called glögg or gløgg and in Italy vin brulé. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, the Baltic States, Romania, Croatia and Hungary all make their own hot wines with similar spices as do Brazil, Chile and Canada. In Quebec maple syrup is added to hot red wine to make a drink called Caribou. Mmmm that sounds good!

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