Very vanilla mini cakes

Very vanilla mini cakes

My little Anya Banana (a.k.a Banana Bread, Banana Muffin or Muffin) is turning 7 in less than a month. Birthday party preparations are in progress... This roughly translates as me panicking about venue, theme, invitations etc. and baking furiously as a kind of hysterical displacement activity.

These mini cakes are the result of my procrastrination but, in their defence, they would be ideal to serve at a birthday party. You could even have the children go mad decorating them. 

I baked these in tin cans in a moment of inspiration (=complete madness). I was not sure whether it would work, but it did and the size and shape is perfect. You could bake the batter in a sheet pan and then cut the circles out with a cutter or simply bake in two 20cm/8inch cake tins and make a lovely layer cake instead.

The whipped cake base recipe comes from the wonderful All Cakes Considered – a book that reads very much like a blog, filled with wonderful creations. It is an odd recipe, in which whipped cream replaces butter. The resulting cakes are light, soft, fluffy - really, the perfect sponge.

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