Vegetable Trough Challenge - Vegetables starting to grow

Vegetable Trough Challenge - Vegetables starting to grow

The vegetable trough we made a couple of weeks back (or “The Troff” as I am now referring to it) has had two full weeks to start growing its delicious vegetable wares and as I’m sure you can see from the above picture we are already seeing some fantastic growth! Actually we've had to thin the seedlings out a bit because things came up so quickly and densely!

We have a couple of lovely thick rows of Lettuce (left) and Radishes popping up! I’m really excited about the radishes – I love the sweet peppery flavour but they are something I always forget to buy when I want salad bits. We’re also beginning to see the other three veg pop up too which I’m so pleased about (I honestly thought we wouldn’t grow a thing – though I realise we have a long way to go yet!) They are (left to right) Carrots, Onion & Spinach. I’m most excited about the perpetual spinach – I would put it in every meal if the OH would let me (have you ever tried spinach mash? It’s a bloody revelation!).

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