Vegetable Tempura

Vegetable Tempura I had never made tempura before and I am slightly ashamed to say that I am most familiar with it from Wagamama where you can have it with rice and a katsu curry sauce.    I  know I’ve said this before but Japanese food is not really a favourite of mine.  However,  I do really like tempura.   How can anyone not like tempura – crisp light batter with vegetables inside – you can even con yourself it’s healthy.    In homage to my memories of meals at Wagamamas (as I have only ever been to one more authentic Japanese restaurant), I decided to serve this with the reheated leftover katsu curry sauce.   It took quite a while to prepare the tempura as the vegetables had to be cooked in batches, and I got a lot of splashes of oil and batter over the rest of the hob but it was worth it in the end.   I especially loved the sweetness of the onions, but used a variety of vegetables and almost any could be used.

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