Vegetable Patties (gluten free)

Vegetable Patties (gluten free)

Vegetable Patties (gluten free) 22 March, 2014 by Priya | 2 Comments As a teenager I was a vegetarian for a while and one of the foods I loved were some form of Vegetable Grills, they inspire this recipe. That taste and love of vegetaraian food has never left me, if hubby would let me I’d be a vegetarian now but he loves he meat too much and I’m not going to cook 2 meals. So our compromise is to eat meat just a couple of times a week. Mainly because I do the cooking ;) Even before I had seen this month Recipe Redux theme “A Play on Patties” I had this recipe idea lurking in the back of my head. A soft veggie pattie that is slightly crisp on the outside and oozing in the centre. These little beauties take some time to make but it’s a therapeutic fun task involving lots of squishing which is perfect for getting kids involved in.

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