Valentine's Dinner with Friends

Valentine's Dinner with Friends

Being single it was nice to forget about Valentine’s Day and enjoy a dinner party at a friend’s house with other single friends. Not a loved up couple in sight, just good food, good wine and great company, I can’t think of a better way to spend the evening! As it was Friday night I knew everyone would make an effort and dress smart, and I had just bought the perfect dress. Earlier in the week I agreed to join up with Blinds Supermarket to celebrate Radiant Orchid being the colour of the year. With this in mind I hit the John Lewis website looking for outfits and items in pink or purple, whilst one item I bought wasn't quite the right colour it was inspired by it. I have to say I love John Lewis and the fact that I could order one day and pick it up from my local Waitrose the next afternoon, its so easy!

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