Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes it is one of the desserts my eldest loves helping me with. And as tomorrow is Valentine's Day my eldest and I baked and decorated some cupcakes. We made big cupcakes and small cupcakes too. And because Renshaw send us a decorating kit our life was made really easy. Renshaw sent us the below products:

Soft Icing Snip and Swirl: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate Decorations: Pink and White Pearls, Chocolate Beans and Multi-Coloured Sprinkles Red Cupcake Cases All we had to do is to make the actual cupcakes. On the Renshaw website we found the recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes but as we didn't have any vanilla extract or essence we decided to replace it with rum essence. Well we put in some of them only for adults and in the others we put orange peel.

They were great and Kara had fun decorating them, licking her fingers and eating the actual cupcakes. Less than 24 hours since we made them we have only 4 left.

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