Useful discoveries for families - March 2014

Useful discoveries for families - March 2014

Could there be a better name for a blog than Everyone Else is Normal? Isn’t that how everyone feels, as they contemplate the chaos in their wake? Or is that just me. In any case, it’s not relevant to this post, I just think it’s a cool blog name!

The reason for mentioning it is Siobhan’s monthly blog linky, Things I Discoveredfollow. Every month, she writes about the things she has come across that she’s enjoyed, and I find it a really nice selection of recommendations. It helps that she lives near us, so if we like the look of something we can go and check it out. I’m so checking out the snowdrops she mentioned this month.

She uses set headings, and although it’s not obligatory, I like the idea, so I’m going to try and follow them. Here are some useful discoveries we’ve made recently that we think are really cool:

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