Upcycling an old picture frame

Upcycling an old picture frame One of the (many) things we discovered when we cleared under our bed as we emptied our bedroom to redecorate was a stack of old pictures that we'd never hung in our house, for whatever reason. But looking at them again years later there was one that could be hung in our top bedroom, but it needed some work first as the reddy-wood frame didn't match the room.

So armed with a pot of paint, some newspaper and some cardboard I set about changing that one afternoon. As I dismantled the picture a scrap of Jim Carrey Ace Ventura notepaper flew out but more on that later, left only with the wooden frame I set up my impromptu painting workbench in the conservatory. Before painting though I wiped the frame so that it was clean - and found that one of those furniture wet wipes did just the job.


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