Upcycled plant pot herb garden

Upcycled plant pot herb garden - Crafts on Sea

Last week our car broke down, which meant that I had to spend the day at home with two small children. Not to bad in itself, but this of course coincided with the onset of high level teething from the youngest. Marvelous.

So when The Toddler decided that he wanted to go out and buy some plants for ‘his very own garden’ (aka a trough he’d painted with his dad the day before) I was all up for a bit of fresh air. And although having a car in the garage with unknown costs meant I’d promised not to spend any money, by the time I’d managed to get both of them to a garden centre I figured the cost of a few plants for myself was less than the price of a large glass of wine (which was what I fancied) or you know, therapy or something. In fact I was probably making money. Mild guilt though did mean I decided to upcycle an old container to make a new planter for my herb garden though. But hey, look what a beauty it is.

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