Upcycled Kitchenlia Bird Feeders

Upcycled Kitchenlia Bird Feeders

My passion for salvaging things is well known. I'm never happier than when I'm up to my elbows rooting around in boxes of old junk outside a house clearance shop; at a jumble sale or in a charity shop. My absolute favourite purchases are always those that I've unearthed from the bottom of a random box of 10p bits and pieces - a pretty little china teacup who's lost it's saucer, an enamel teapot missing it's lid; a floral plate with a tiny chip on the back that nobody wants anymore.

But what to DO with all this stuff? I want to love it and look at it and keep it from the jaws of the crusher, but let's be honest, my cupboards are groaning under the weight.

So what can you do with these adorable mis-matched odds and sods? Well, of course you can make candles in them, and very lovely they are too. But there's also only so many candles a home can have.

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