University: When you have children.

" You should study part time" "Why don't you wait until she's at school?"

"Are you sure?"

These were a few of the questions I kept getting asked when I decided to attend university four years ago. I began in October 2009, My princess was born January 2009, making her only 9 months old.

I studied Creative Writing and I loved every second of the course and of being at university, but as I filled in my UCAS form, I did wonder how on earth I would manage.

Where would my baby go while I'm in class?

Is there a creche?

Will the work load be too much?

Yes, I was fretting, when I really shouldn't have.

First of all, I had the best childminder, who looked after my daughter to first class standards, so I never once worried. If I ever had late lectures, my mum and dad were also great supports.


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