There are times, when the miracles of daily life strike me as the magic that they truly are. Sitting on a plane, returning from a vacation that surpassed anything I’d imagined or hoped for, before leaving, it amazes me that I am able to travel from one incredible point to another, in the matter of hours. A trip that once would have taken months– by ship, train and no doubt horse and wagon– is now covered in the course of a 12-hour day. Gazing out the window, I feel like a child, learning for the first time, that life is so much bigger than my own yard. It is so easy to forget just how awesome this world we live in is! We take for granted that we can talk to people around the world, by simply pushing some numbers. We forget that it’s a stunning feat that we board a cylinder of metal and technology and cross the planet. Today, as I travel home from a 10-day vacation in Belize, the wonder of that strikes me deeply

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