Ulnar Shortening Recovery – 6 months on

Ulnar Shortening Recovery – 6 months on

It’s six months since I had my ulnar shortened so it seems apt to look back at my recovery from the surgery and the progress I’ve made. Ulnar shortening (known as an osteotomy)is a very rare procedure to be carried out as elective surgery – let alone ulnar shortening when it is relating to the wrist and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome related issues – but hey, why be straightforward when complicated is on offer?

The good news is that the operation seems to have been successful. Although they only shortened the ulnar by a few mm, it’s been enough to stop the bones in my wrist impacting together and it’s significantly reduced the amount of pain and grinding I get in my wrist. The points that would have had me yelping when pressure was applied, no longer elicit this response and hopefully that means the joint is settling nicely – and therefore reducing the risk of even more damage occurring in those joints.

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