UK Adoption: 8 of the biggest challenges for adopters

UK Adoption: 8 of the biggest challenges for adopters

There is no doubt that UK adoption is improving, but due to the nature of adoption, potential adopters will always face some big challenges in order to initially become parents and to ensure they are effective parents.

This list of 8 of the biggest challenges is created from our own experience, as well as anecdotal evidence. There are a variety of challenges that adopters face, but these are perhaps the most common in UK adoption.

The UK adoption process

The process itself is a challenge. As I have stated, it is improving, and has even been streamlined since we were matched with our boy. However, the fact remains that it is arduous, emotional and sometimes painstakingly long.

A certain amount of resilience is needed to complete the process, so those starting it, need to be fully invested in what they are undertaking.

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