UK Adoption: 8 amazing rewards and benefits for adopters

UK Adoption: 8 amazing rewards and benefits for adopters

My last post was about some of the biggest challenges facing adopters. I don’t want to be seen as a glass is half empty chap, so wanted to provide you with this brief list of amazing rewards and benefits for adopters. You become a parent

An obvious statement I know, but for those seemingly condemned to a life of childlessness through something other than choice, adoption provides a bright light in an otherwise dark and murky tunnel.

In my own brief experience as a father I can honestly say it has been better than I ever imagined. Our young son has not just filled the gap in our lives; he has changed, enriched and enthralled us.

But that is true of every child to every parent… A child gets a much needed home

What is unique to adoption is not the impact on your life, but the impact it has on the child.

It is true that we went into adoption with a somewhat selfish agenda; to become parents, but we soon realised adoption is about the children.

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