Two Years On and Still Going Strong

Two Years On and Still Going Strong

Today is my birthday. No silly, not my actual birthday, just my blogging one. Yes, it was two years ago today that I launched my very own corner of the web and much like becoming a parent for the first time, I now cannot imagine life without it.

It all started on a whim: 10th April 2012. After being advised by Kate Takes Five that my initial blog name, '21st Century Mum' had already been taken (great start!) I hastily changed the title and '3 Children and It' was born.

On our first birthday, I wrote a list of all the things I had learnt about blogging. Twelve months on and I almost feel like a proper blogger so it's time to share my latest revelations. If you're a new blogger, I hope that you find this post helpful and encouraging and if you're not, then perhaps you will read it simply because you love me!

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