Two Pregnancies – So Many Differences!

Two Pregnancies – So Many Differences!

When I fell pregnant the first time around, I experienced more than my fair share of complications. I actually found out I was pregnant when I was hospitalised for tearing a hole in my oesophagus because of the hideous amount of sickness I was experiencing, and things didn’t get better as the weeks went on. In the course of that one pregnancy, I developed SPD, a condition which causes the ligaments in your pelvis to loosen too much and click out of joint with alarming regularity, as well as gestational diabetes and then, in the final weeks, pre-eclampsia.

Mine was, by no means, a normal pregnancy so if you’re yet to conceive, don’t let my experiences put you off. What I really want to talk about is now. Five years after giving birth to my daughter, I find myself pregnant again and this time, the pregnancy couldn’t be more different (touch wood!).

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