Two Pink Lines

Two Pink Lines

Trust me, when you’ve waited three years for it to happen it's an important memory to capture. It worked, can you believe it, it worked first time. After all the waiting, investigating, blood, sweat and tears we didn't have to suffer the trauma of the treatment not working. It makes me feel grateful that I came straight home from the hospital and stayed in my bed for the rest of the day! That two-week wait feels like a lifetime, you try not to think about it and then you just can’t help it. Then at times, you can’t stop thinking, your mind races one minute and you daydream for hours the next. You go through all the what if’s. You start to imagine what pram you might buy, what cot you might buy it really is a crazy experience. I had a feeling it would work you know, deep down I knew it would work. However my anxious subconscious needed a little boost to make it through the full two weeks until test day and so three days before I was due to take my hospital kit test, I did a wee secret test and it was positive!

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