Two little boys, all grown up.

Two little boys, all grown up.

My two older boys have never been big fans of getting their photos taken. Ever. It frustrates me, as I've always wanted a photo of all five of the children together and there's always one weekend one of the boys doesn't come down or the other has a cold. There has always been someone missing and thus the full offspring photo cannot be taken. 

But a photo of all 5 of them aside, my boys aren't in many photos due to whatever phobia they have of not looking cool or the photo damaging their street cred or whatever. But one afternoon a few years ago I snapped them up pretty good! 

I got out my big backdrop, nudged them together and 'click' it was over that fast. Quick & painless and the result, I am in love with. Those freckles {they get those from me}, those eyes. My two eldest boys looking handsome and looking as though butter wouldn't melt {yeah right!}.

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