Two for Tuesday: Garden Update

Two for Tuesday: Garden Update

Good evening all! Sorry for the VERY last post today. I had a little one this morning who woke up with the sniffles and a fever. All he wanted was cuddles and "green" pancakes. I had plans to clean the house top to bottom and boy did I! After making him green pancakes of course ;) I really thought since the weather went from 40-50s to 85 degrees today he may have to stay home from school. He just was not himself laying around all morning, whilst I was cleaning, is NOT like him. But later in the day he perked up and I was feeling spunky. I wanted to try a new recipe I found on Pinterest. But it called for Potatoes and I had run out of our last harvest so we had to dig out Tower 1 and 3. Mac had so much fun! How can you not?

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