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Syd is two and a half today. A quarter of a decade. It seems like he has been here far longer, yet at the same time I cannot believe my baby has grown so big. Life is one big adventure when you are two and a half He talks ten to the dozen. Questions flying out at a rate of knots. ‘What’s happening here?’ ‘What’s his name?’ and simple utterances of ‘What? Why..’ at all moments. The attitude has started. ‘Mummy says No!’ ‘Syd says yes’ or rather ‘Dyd says yes’, as his S’s are still hit and miss. And contrary is an understatement. For example :- ‘I don’t want my dinner.’ ‘OK, I will take it to the kitchen.’ *wails* ‘I want my dinner.’ Sometimes the only way to get something done is to pretend you want a different outcome. ‘I will eat your dinner’ seems to trick him into thinking he has won if he eats it himself.

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