Twin Parenting DOES GET EASIER! -

Twin Parenting DOES GET EASIER! -

The twins are growing up so fast since they started school and I love the fact that I can really relate to them as little human beings now. I laugh at their outlook on the world, the things that we as adults take for granted, and the things that they take so literally, like “Why is the shop Boot’s, called Boot’s and not shoes?”

We have conversations, about their day and mine. They come out of school like little hyperactive whirlwinds, chitter chattering two at a time so I can’t understand a word either are saying. They are excited about their day and can’t wait to tell me what they have learnt and who they have played with.

They ask me about mine and they want to know if I have done hair that day (only so they have spending money for our upcoming Butlins trip.) Monkey will ask to have a look in my purse to see if there is money in there, she obviously doesn’t believe me when I say I have been working hard!

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