We've been debating this issue for a long time - probably as far back as when my younger son was in year 1. To tutor or not to tutor? My younger son is a bright boy. Incredibly bright. Almost off the scale bright. Round here we have grammar schools. There is fierce competition to get into them and only the top 5% make it. Rather a lot of the kids who go to grammar schools went to private primary schools - invest cash in their early education and then get the state to provide your little darling with a brilliant free education. So there's our predicament. My son needs to be in a grammar school. He needs to be with people of similar intelligence and he needs to have the challenge. He should walk that exam, because he's probably in the top 1%. But what if... Every other kid that does that exam will have been tutored. Those private school kids have been learning in just the right way to pass that exam for years now. State school kids don't learn the required skills, so they get tutored. To tutor or not to tutor, that is the question?

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