Turkish delight cupcakes

Turkish delight cupcakes

I was sent a text message recently asking if I could make Turkish Delight cupcakes, a quick Google and yes there was such a thing, I read a few but to me they didn’t seem that tempting, so as usual I made my own recipe and it must have worked as the text I received was fantastic and made me smile :)


6oz Self raising flour 6oz of butter 6oz caster sugar 3 medium free range eggs small amount of vanilla ( I use Neilsen-Masseynofollow vanilla paste) Rose Water I used about 3tbs but add according to taste Thinly sliced Turkish delight

Mix as you would normally

Place 3/4 usual amount of batter into the cases and place the Turkish delight on the batter, cover with rest of batter, cook as you would normally.

For Buttercream, I made my normal recipe, again I find we all have our own that we prefer and I added a small amount of rose water (not to much as it makes the buttercream to runny for piping)

Piped using my 1M nozzle

decorated with a slice of Turkish delight

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