Turkey, Ham and Veg Baked Risotto - Leftovers!

Turkey, Ham and Veg Baked Risotto - Leftovers!

Flavoursome without being heavy. Filling yet healthy. And it creates space in the fridge when there are the last remnants of meat in tubs and on plates. You don't have to use turkey and ham, sprouts and carrots. Use whatever meat and veg you want rid off. The crumbly looking topping is crushed goats cheese biscuits that Mum got in a hamper from her boss that wouldn't have been used otherwise. I thought they were an ideal finish but crushed crisp or stale breadcrumbs would be good too. The veg could be leftover cooked stuff as well but we never have leftover veg because Mum only ever does just enough. Go with what you want and how many people you are serving as well as hunger levels.

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