Triple chocolate mousse cake

Triple chocolate mousse cake

Do you love chocolate? I mean really LOVE it? Would you like to make a chocolate dessert with real WOW factor that tastes even better that it looks? Read on...

This mousse cake is a chocolate trifecta. The bottom layer is a rich dark chocolate cake… the middle layer is a milk chocolate mousse… and the top layer is a white chocolate mousse. But I didn't stop there. The bottom layer pairs intense dark 85% chocolate with espresso. The middle layer is flavoured with salted caramel. The top layer is infused with vanilla beans.

The resulting dessert is rich yet incredibly light, silky-smooth and indescribably delicious. Serve with a strong cup of coffee and be prepared for a semi-religious experience.

Despite the long recipe, this cake is not complicated, you just need to invest a little time. Trust me, it's worth it. The easiest way to make it is to buy ring moulds which make assembly a breeze. But if you haven't got them you can still achieve this look by simply creating a collar with baking paper. Another way is to layer the mousse in glasses - trifle style. It doesn't look as polished but it tastes delicious.

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