Tree following August: The still-a-mystery tree

Tree following August: The still-a-mystery tree

In the middle of July I stumbled across this tree - see The mystery tree with humongous leaves - and following an online chat with Lucy from Loose and Leafy about what it might me (it's still a mystery tree right now, so if you know I'd love to know) I concluded that it would be interesting and hopefully enlightening to follow this tree more closely.

Lucy hosts a monthly link-up for fellow tree followers, that's people who have chosen a tree to follow for a year. I'm late to this party, though had been reading with interest on how, what and why people chose their trees. But even so, I didn't choose a tree for myself, despite having quite a few in our garden that could have been ideal and easy accessible candidates.

But it seems, this humongous mystery tree chose me!

So let me introduce you to the humongous-leaved mystery tree.

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