Treasure hunting on King's Day

Treasure hunting on King's Day

For the first time we celebrated the birthday of our king: King Willem-Alexander. Saturday it was King’s Day instead of Queen’s Day in the Netherlands. And King’s Day or Queen’s Day means ‘vrijmarkt’ or ‘free market’. In cities and villages people sell their secondhand items. As you can imagine, that means treasure hunting for me! Around 9.00 o’clock I went to the market with my big shopper! At first I couldn’t find anything. There were lots of toys and children’s clothes but not a lot vintage items. There were times when I came home (on my bicycle!) with ten W-Germany vases! Not now. Not one vase. But, large fleamarkets like this means you must see past those cuddly toys, look in carton boxes and literally go down on your knees to check those cups and saucers and realising they are from Rörstrand! So, in the end I was quite pleased with my treasures…

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