Travelling To The Stone Age.

Travelling To The Stone Age.

This morning we took a spin in our time machine to the Stone Age. We wrapped up warm and headed back to around 450,000BC to a time when the first hunter-gatherers were in Britain. The boys were able to put all thoughts, sights and modern sounds out of their heads and see the local woodland as it would have appeared in the past. They looked up to the sky and thought about what it could tell them about the day ahead. If it would rain, if it was early, if it would be cold and what they could do to prepare for what the day had in store for them. They wondered what the Stone Age people would have thought about the stars which would have appeared so much brighter to them than to us now. Theo suggested that they would probably think that they were their ancestors or gods and it led us to talk about worship and Stone Henge.

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