Tough Young Teachers

Tough Young Teachers

Anyone who thinks teaching is easy should definitely watch Tough Young Teachers, BBC Three’s new fly-on-the-wall series.

The six-part show follows six young trainee teachers at the start of their careers in secondary schools. They are all part of Teach First, the fast-track programme that after six weeks of intensive training sends high achieving young graduates to teach in schools in disadvantaged areas. The teachers are filmed over the course of a year as they get to grips with their new roles. We see their highs and the lows, their elation at teaching a great lesson and their disappointment when tricky teenagers refuse to knuckle down and work.

All six are smart, motivated and determined to make a difference to their pupils’ lives. The brightest of the bright, they could easily have chosen far less demanding jobs but have jumped at the chance to teach youngsters at three challenging London schools. One of the group, psychology graduate Claudenia Williams, says she’s desperate to “get it right”

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