Tottenham Cake

Tottenham Cake

I love the history bits on the Great British Bake Off. Social history was always my favourite subject at university, but unfortunately we never learned about cake. And they call themselves academics...

Since then I have enjoyed reading about the history of our favourite baked goods, and love to incorporate these little snippets into my own baking.

In the last season of the Bake Off, they went to see the Tottenham Quakers. They had historically made this striking sponge traybake using the juice of mulberries from their garden to make the pretty pink icing. Quakers would often bake for each other, and share cake at meetings. They lady making the one on the Bake Off said it was an ideal cake because it was 'easily cut up and distributed amongst a large group of people'. This struck a chord: group of people, easily cut up to share... Bundt and cake club sprang to mind!

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