Top Tips from a Real Mum Coping with Teething

Top Tips from a Real Mum Coping with Teething

When we planned our family, teething wasn’t one of the things we considered. The questions we asked ourselves were: could we afford it and was our house big enough. Perhaps we should have asked ourselves if we were we willing to forego 4 years of sleep to soothe teething babies and toddlers!

The baby magazines I happily devoured portrayed such an air-brushed perfect view of pregnancy and childbirth I didn’t think much further than that. Fast forward 6 months and my little darling started showing the classic signs of teething – hot pink cheeks, dribble, irritable, ear-ache and a tendency to chew anything he could get his hands on. Tried and Tested Methods

Looking back at my blog (I knew there was a reason I wrote it!) I mention teething quite a lot. We coped the best way we could by using these techiniques:

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