Top Three Gifts To Make Him Smile This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching once more so this year I am rounding up my top three recommendations to put a smile on his face. The first from one of my favourite website finds of the year, The Rockpotnofollow. Here you can buy the work of artist Christophe Gowans, who blogs at ceegworld.comfollow. His Record Books are truly stunning where he has created beautiful designs of how he envisages the book-cover for many famous albums would have looked had they been books instead. Below are two of my favourites. These are all available to buy on the website as either postcards or prints along with a whole lot of other album/book-cover designs.

The second is a gift Mr B received from a friend for his birthday and it literally had him in tears he laughed so much, I give you ‘Cookin’ with Coolio.’

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