Top ten extras to bring {Camp Bestival 2014}

Top ten extras to bring {Camp Bestival 2014}

It's less than four weeks to go until Camp Bestival 2014 begins. Time to start making those lists. I have blogged a lot in the past about camping with children and have prepared a tried and trusted packing list here. But what about those Camp Bestival specific 'extras'? Well look no further. Here are my top ten extras to bring list!

1. Claw hammer - not just your regular camping mallet. Oh no, you will need a good old fashioned hammer to deal with the rocky ground. 2. Garden trug - it's amazing what this can be used for. My best use is transporting bits from the car - it sits perfectly in the seat of the good old Phil & Teds - and then as a makeshift bath in the tent. A bit cosy but great for a freshen up. It beats a wet wipe wash. (Still bring the wipes though with your extra loo roll and hand sanitiser.)....

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