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View of a beach Travellers today are working with an entirely different set of tools than they once did. Gone are the guidebooks and travel agencies of the last couple decades because you can find far more comprehensive and up to date information online. It’s all about knowing where to look for your information and remembering that not everything you read on a Wikipedia page is going to be one hundred percent accurate. Here are a couple of tools to look into when you’re planning your next big trip.


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Starting at the beginning, the first thing that you want to figure out when planning your trip is of course how you are going to get there. GoEuro can help, they are a search engine that finds the cheapest and fastest ways between European destinations. Lots of companies will help you figure out the bus route or the quickest flight but this one combines all those results. You can direct your results so that you get the cheapest route, the fastest one or both and they will give you flights, trains, buses and rental car options.


Yelp can be your best friend in your home town, the restaurant world is fickle and changeable and not even the most plugged-in Londoner can know or have tried all of the city’s restaurants. Download the app on your phone and you’ll find that it can also be the traveller’s best friend. Sick of ending up in restaurants with pictures on the menu and descriptions in 5 or 6 languages? The Yelp app will help you find restaurants that will leave you feeling like a real local.




Video calling, especially for free, is one of the world’s most wonderful ways of getting in touch with friends and family living far away. Unfortunately a lot of companies are creating premium accounts that require fees and memberships in order to access things like video conference calls with more than two people. Fring will let you conference with up to 4 people for free. Keep up with your family while you’re away or better yet keep in touch with all the new friends you’ve made when you get back home!

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