Top five tech toys in the age of the geek

Top five tech toys in the age of the geek

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event at Amazon, looking at the array of products that they had on offer. One thing struck me above everything else, that toys had rather moved on from when I was a wee nipper, and was sitting playing Top Trumps with my brother, or madly trying to buy a hotel to build on Mayfair.

There is most definitely still a place for card games, and the communal board game; when your mum always seems to let you win….

However, what is clear that kids these days love tech toys, and geeky gadgets as much as their Doctor Who mad dad or mum. So here were my picks of the toys that I spotted that I think will do well to keep those geeks happy, and may just give geek mum and dad time to check out latest Doctor Who episode in peace ;-)

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