Top Five Flattering Jeans

Top Five Flattering Jeans

Jeans are probably the one item in our wardrobe that get the most wear. A good pair of flattering jeans can make us feel like a million dollars. They are our go-to item, I know mine are. To me, the great thing about them is their versatility. I love that I can wear the same faded, ripped skinny jeans to the supermarket, and then stick on a pair of heels with them for drinks with the girls. How often do you wear yours? Everyday? I bet you're wearing them right now!

The search for the perfect pair of jeans can be a rocky road though. Do you have several pairs that you don't wear? Me too. You think they look great in the changing rooms, but later on decide that they're not quite right and so to the back of the wardrobe they go. This rejection is usually for a number of reasons with comfort and fit and the top of the list.

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